Jeff Lin

Hi! I'm Jeff Lin

I was born and raised in Oberlin, Ohio, played a ton of soccer and violin, graduated with honors from Carleton College where I majored in biology and also studied mathematics and German, did structural biochemistry research with Dr. Joseph Falke at CU Boulder, molecular immunology research with Dr. Larry Pease at Mayo Graduate School, worked as a software engineer at Retek (now Oracle Retail), partied a lot, won The Onion's most inappropriate Halloween costume contest, was a cast member of the Emmy-nominated reality TV show Colonial House (and met my wife Sarah at the viewing party), spent a few years consulting at Williams Sonoma in San Francisco, founded Bust Out Solutions, bought a house in Uptown, Minneapolis with Sarah, was an adjunct faculty member at Hennepin Technical College  where I taught web production, was invited to be part of the Theoroi Project, was named to the Oberlin Makes a Difference Hall of Fame, welcomed Josephine and William into the world, joined the Schubert Club Board of Directors, co-founded Smart Factory, founded Swing Set Labs, and was named one of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal's 40 under 40 in 2014. Roughly in that order.

I’m continually inspired by family, friends, and colleagues to explore more, try new things, and to always keep learning.